Department Chairperson
Richard Montreuil
Office: 3H.7
Local: 4753

Explore a more healthy, active lifestyle in state-of-the-art facilities

All students are required to take Physical Education courses. In fact, you must successfully complete three Physical Education courses to graduate. The overall objective of these courses is to help you develop a healthy and active lifestyle through a variety of fitness activities, including dance, combatives, individual and team sports, outdoor education and stress management.

Courses are divided into three types (click for more information):

101 MQ 102 MQ 103 MQ

You must successfully complete a 101 and 102 course before registering for a 103 course.

Need more information? Read our FAQ or view courses at a glance.

What’s exciting about Physical Education at Dawson College?

    • Choose between regular classes (15 weeks) or weekend outdoor/intensives
    • Options include canoe and wilderness camping
    • Combat classes
    • Rock-climbing wall on site!

Visit the photo and video gallery to see our students in action.

Last Modified: May 11, 2022