Frequently Asked Questions about Physical Education at Dawson College


What are the various P.E. formats offered?

  • Pre-semester courses (starts before the regular day semester)
  • 15-week regular courses (1 / week, 2hours)
  • Compressed courses
  • Intensive courses

See Class Formats for more info.

Yes, you need three physical education courses to graduate. You need to take a 101, 102 and a 103 P.E. course. Each P.E. course is 30 hours, 1 credit.

No, you must complete a 101 and 102 first, followed by a 103 course.

You can take the 101 or 102 in any order, but they must be completed before taking a 103 course.

No, but you can take a very similar course in a 101, 102 or 103 depending on the level you took.

No, however, there is a complementary course called Performance In Sport. This is more of a theoretical course about what happens behind the scenes of athletic preparation and competition. It is a 45-hour course, 2 credits.

No, however there is one double credit course offered amongst the Outdoor Education courses. “Canoe Adventure” combines 102 & 103 and it is offered in the winter semester.

No previous skill level is required to take any P.E. course. However, for cycling, you are required to know how to ride a bike.

You are allowed to miss 4 hours of a regular 15-week course.

For intensives and compressed courses, attendance is 100% required for safety reasons.
Non-attendance for any reason, including medical issues and religious holidays, is considered an absence.

A pre-semester course is optional, it begins before the regular day semester starts. It may finish before or during the regular day semester. Check Timetable.

  • Pre-registration is online
  • If you are eligible, you will receive a MIO message and you will have access to Surveys and Votes on Omnivox on the day of pre-registration
  • Limited space

See Pre-Semester Courses Info

Essential course change occurs during the course change period and it is arranged by the P.E. Scheduler. The dates and times will be advertised in advance. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent a student from successfully completing the course. ie: mobility issues, religious holidays, health issues etc. a course change might be possible.

No, there are no exemptions from our physical education courses. However, in the Winter semester, we offer a 102 Sport Participation contract course that is open to students who participate on a Dawson team that trains in both the Fall and Winter semesters. Upon approval, elite athletes might also be able to register for this course. Please see the Athletics Department for more information and registration information.


If you are unsure of what course to take due to an injury, we have an Accessibility Representative who is able to make course recommendations for you. They will help you to find a suitable course based on the nature of your injury.

We have a variety of courses that you might be interested in taking.

Suggestions for 101 courses include: Resistance Training, Mind-Body Wellness and Fitness.

Suggestions for 102 courses: Stress Coping Skills and Weight Training Skills.

Suggestions for 103 courses: Fitness Activities, Active Living.

Please register with the Accessibility office in 2D.2 or https://www.dawsoncollege.qc.ca/student-accessibility/

Our Accessibility Rep is available to help you to plan out your course selection for the year. Together with the Accessibility office, we will help you to register in the best course for you.

Yes. We do not exempt anyone from taking a physical education course. Please register with the Accessibility office (2D.2) or https://www.dawsoncollege.qc.ca/student-accessibility/

The Physical Education Department and the Accessibility office work together to ensure that you register for a course that is suitable for your needs and abilities.

Outdoor Education

It is a Physical Education course that occurs outdoors. It involves a series of evening lectures and some full activity days outside the usual Monday to Friday schedule.


Compressed: several evening lectures and then single weekend day activities w/ the exception of “Training For Running” held during the regular Fall semester (1/week for 3hours, total 10 weeks).

Intensive: There are some courses with only a few evening lectures and then the intensive portion lasts 3 consecutive days e.g. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. To know about your specific course refer to the Timetable.

Currently the courses fees are waived. Costs that are covered by students vary by course and will be clarified in the course outline for each individual section. For off-campus courses, the college provides transportation.

The college has some basic camping equipment available for rent (e.g. tents, stoves, sleeping bags, backpacks, etc). You will have to provide appropriate clothing, and in most cases, your own food.

Each course has its own unique schedule. You can find the specific dates and times in the college Timetable.

All intensive/compressed courses have a 100% attendance policy. This means if you miss any lecture or intensive day, you are not eligible to pass the course. Check the course outline to verify the exact attendance policy of your course.

No. See the exact dates and times in the college Timetable.

Courses occur in a variety of environments. Some are based in outdoor education centers where these facilities are available. Other courses are entirely in the “wild” and do not have any such facilities. (not applicable during pandemic)

Campus Life Recreation & Athletics

Yes, you can get a membership at the PARC desk. Membership fee is $60 per semester. This gives you access to the Day Fitness Room (1H.2) between the hours 11am – 6pm and then the Weight Room (-1H.1) from 6pm-9pm. During these times, there is supervision from a PARC monitor. Included with this is access to fitness recreation classes including Pilates, Yoga, Spinning, Boot Camp, etc. You can also use the campus recreation services including open gym badminton, basketball, rock climbing.

Visit the Campus Life and Recreation webpage for the current recreation schedule: https://www.dawsoncollege.qc.ca/campus-life/recreation

Yes, you are able to obtain a 50% discount on your membership 60$, special price of 30$ (for 103 students). Proof of registration in the course will be required.

You can join the Campus Life Recreation (non-credit) which offers an all-access pass for 60$ to all students and a special price of 30$ for 103 courses. You can also pay a drop in 3$ fee for the daily access. Contact PARC at 1H.1. Bring student ID card (no cash is accepted).


Check out the Dawson College Athletics about team tryouts.

You can contact Financial Aid 4E.2-8 to get the assistance you need. You can also rent clothes from PARC at a very affordable fee.


Facilities (not applicable during pandemic)

Physical activity clothes & athletic shoes

You are allowed: writing materials, water bottle, towel (NO BAGS PERMITTED), asthma inhaler

  1. Items can be left in your personal locker or you can leave them in the locker rooms by PARC.
  2. You may also leave personal items in the locker rooms by PARC.
  3. You can bring your own lock, or a lock can be rented out for 2$
  1. Our facilities require students to wear appropriate athletic attire and footwear.
  2. You may rent clothing and athletic footwear at the PARC desk

Last Modified: June 13, 2023