• Application Deadline: 
    March 1
  • Profile Code: 
  • DEC in: 
    Arts, Literature and Communication (ALC)
  • Program Length: 
    2 years

Combine your love for the latest technology with your creativity and artistic abilities. The Interactive Media Arts Profile is a unique profile in Arts, Literature and Communication exclusive to Dawson College. Come join the next generation of artists and creators in Quebec who are redefining art, design and creative exploration in our professional lab and workshop. No previous technical knowledge is required to enter Interactive Media Arts. Our hands-on, project-based training will introduce you to simple yet powerful technological tools. Whether you are making physical projects like metal sculptures or virtual projects like computer games, the emphasis will always be on the creativity of your efforts.

This Profile is designed to help you discover your passions. We are exposed to a wide variety of practices, allowing you to experiment and discover different mediums.
— Colin C.

What you will learn?

  • To define creative concepts involving interactivity, play and digital technologies
  • To create projects using digital tools such as micro-controllers, game engines, computer code and more
  • To recognize and appreciate diverse forms of interactive media art and design
  • To make connections with social, environmental and cultural issues related to digital technology, social media, the Internet and artificial intelligence
  • To contextualize cultural objects such as the worldwide web, emergent media, social media and the internet of things
  • To explore national cultural issues through the lenses of local and international media artists, such as the effects of social media on individuals and societies, technology and the environment, gender and Indigenous representations in games

Where will this program lead you?

Graduates generally pursue university studies in Fine Arts, Intermedia, Computation Arts and Game Design, as well as other fields in the Arts, Humanities and Education.

Graduates of university programs generally find employment opportunities in interactive design and development, game design and development, user experience design, creative and applied arts, web design and development among others. They can become successful entrepreneurs and artists, game designers, media artists, interactive media developers, human computer interaction designers, content creators, teachers, reporters and more.

What else you should know?

  • A state-of-the-art computer lab and a separate, fully-equipped production workshop provide students with tools to develop interactive media art works, computer music, games, video games, physical and wearable computing projects
  • After-hours access to the lab and workshop enables students to do additional work outside of class
  • One-on-one time with teachers provides personalized feedback and training
  • This profile offers extensive hands-on learning, based on developing your own projects
  • You will visit professional production studio workshops, museums and gallery exhibitions
  • Professional artists and designers come in to present their work

What do you need to apply?

A Diploma of Secondary Studies (DES) or academic background judged equivalent to the DES.

Application Deadline

March 1

Last Modified: November 8, 2023