Department Chairperson
David Weeks
Office: 2G.5
Local: 4957

Learn to make everyday items from design to production

In Industrial Design, you will be trained to work as industrial designers/technicians, using your imagination, creativity, critical thinking and technical knowledge to design quality manufactured products for the real world.

This three-year program – the only English-language of its kind in Quebec – concentrates on design development, ideation, sketching, 3D modeling and rendering techniques, presentation and communication skills, ergonomics, aesthetics and technical documentation.

What an industrial designer does

“The industrial designer is to a product what an architect is to a building”

Industrial Designers develop optimal products with respect to aesthetics, marketability, ergonomics, functionality, production cost, distribution, and impact on society and the environment. With your degree, you could have a career in a variety of domains, including aviation/transportation, sporting goods and equipment, toy development and lighting, exhibition and display.

Last Modified: June 2, 2020