Study Skills

Study Skills and Time Management support

We offer help with improving your strategies for:

  • managing your time
  • staying motivated
  • avoiding procrastination
  • reading academic texts
  •  learning in the academic setting
  •  writing academic texts

Our handouts:

Study Skills Checklist
Time Management
Weekly Schedule
An Evening Study Routine
Overcoming Procrastination
SQ3R Textbook Reading System
Note-Taking – Dawson-Cornell System
Tips for Lecture Note-Taking
Tips for Taking Exams
Learning with a Study Group

For more advice, visit the Academic Skills Centre (6D.2).

If anxiety over oral presentations is a problem, speak to a Counsellor in Room 2D.2. Workshops on public-speaking anxiety are held regularly by Counselling and Career Development.

Last Modified: January 16, 2018