APA & MLA Style Sheets

The Centre has developed a variety of handouts on the MLA (Modern Languages Association) and APA (American Psychological Association) standards for bibliographies and citations.

Click on these links to download information in MS Word format.

MLA Style

MLA guidelines have been updated and handouts based on the new 8th edition are coming soon. 

E1.0 MLA Term Paper Format
E1.1 MLA Citations
E1.2 MLA Works Cited: Page Format
E1.3 MLA Works Cited: Print Sources
E1.4 MLA Works Cited: Web Sites
E1.5 MLA Works Cited: Online Texts and Reference Works
E1.6 MLA Works Cited: Course Material
E1.7 MLA Works Cited: Films / TV / Videos
E1.8 MLA Documentation: Photos / Visual Art

APA Style

E2.0 APA Term Paper Format
E2.1 APA Citations
E2.2 APA References Page Format
E2.3 APA References List (Print Sources)
E2.4 APA References List (Internet Sources)

Last Modified: August 23, 2016