Teacher Zone

We can help your students become better learners and writers:

If your students need more support in academic writing, reading, time management or study skills, you can suggest that they make an appointment with one of our professionals.

All our appointments are one-on-one and confidential. Most importantly, students can make their own appointments using our online scheduling service or see us in person at the College.

Use the SOARS form to refer students to this service.

Every semester, the Skills Centre professionals conduct writing labs designed for students not working in their first language. These labs are attached to two English courses— 001: Remedial Activities for Secondary V English Language Arts and 101: Writing English.

Click here for more information about the labs.

At a teacher’s request, we can come to a class to provide a presentation or a workshop. Some of the topics include:

  • MLA, APA, and avoiding plagiarism
  • Time management and study skills
  • Essay structure
  • Thesis statements

We work with teachers to personalize the presentations, as needed.

Our peer tutors provide support individually or in groups for students in most courses. They help students understand concepts and practice problems, and develop successful strategies for learning in specific domains. Tutors don’t work directly on course assignments. Students can directly schedule peer tutoring appointments using our online scheduling service. We also have group tutoring (e.g. for Nursing students or for Calculus I for Social Science students).

Click here for more information on peer tutoring.

If your students are struggling with English because it is not their first language, they can meet with ASC Staff to target necessary skills and/or be matched with a peer tutor to improve their fluency. Additionally, the ASC provides weekly fluency groups for improving confidence and speaking skills.

Click here for more information on our English language help.

Use the SOARS form to refer students for this service.

We offer individual appointments and Exit Exam workshops to all Dawson students. Copies of old exams and handouts are also available at the Centre.

Click here for more information on our Exit Exam help.

We support all students who are struggling academically, are overwhelmed or are on academic probation. They do not need to have a learning difference or have any documentation of difficulties.

Use the SOARS form to refer students for this service.

Last Modified: October 30, 2023