Standing and Advancement


Students in regular programs including AECs

(full-time and part-time)

To be in good standing and to register unconditionally:

  • Students must have passed more than 50% of their courses for the year (not including Summer School).
  • Students admitted in January must pass more than 50% of their courses in that semester.
  • Students must also meet the standards of their particular program.  If that policy is more stringent than the College policy, the program policy (DEC or AEC) takes precedence.
  • Students who do not fulfill the above conditions may register only with the permission of the Academic Standing and Advancement Committee.

Students denied permission to register under this section have a right to appeal to the College Academic Standing Appeals Committee.

Technical Programs

As students in technical programs are being educated for specific careers, academic performance may not be the only criterion for evaluating a student’s standing. In order to remain in good standing, students in technical programs are also expected to exhibit behaviour appropriate to their professions in all activities associated with their programs (e.g., classes, labs, external placements).  Each program is responsible for determining its particular and specific criteria to be used for evaluating professional conduct. These criteria will be incorporated in the program Academic Standing and Advancement Policy, subject to the appropriate College approval process. Upon entering the program, students must be provided with a copy of this policy.

Faculty members in the program are responsible for assessing student behaviour in terms of suitability to the profession, advising students who exhibit inappropriate behaviour, and reporting to the Program Coordinator when necessary.

The Program Coordinator is responsible for assessing the gravity of the situation, informing the student of the possible consequences should the behaviour continue, and making a recommendation to the Sector Dean if necessary.

The Sector Dean is responsible for providing students who have not redressed their conduct with official notification of consequences that will lead to expulsion, and may, if circumstances warrant, expel the student.

The procedure accompanying this policy is available in Appendix X of the Institutional Student Evaluation Policy (available on the College’s website).

The severity of the situation may compel the Sector Dean to take immediate action.

The student may appeal the decision to the Academic Dean, and may consult the College Ombuds Officer at any time.

Students outside regular programs (Independent Studies)

To be in good standing and to register (unconditionally), students must have passed 50% of their courses for the academic year (not including Summer School).

Students who do not meet the condition above will normally be permitted to register for a maximum of one course per term during the following academic year. This restriction will be removed for the winter semester for students who pass the fall course.

Changes to a restricted course load can be authorized only by the Registrar or the appropriate dean (or delegate).

Students who are on a restricted course load and who do not pass their winter course may only register with the permission of the appropriate dean (or delegate).

Last Modified: May 27, 2014