Crispesh Webinar: Challenges and Needs of Students with Undiagnosed Disabilities

CRISPESH Virtual Lunch-&-Learn Series | April 3, 2024  12:00-1:00pm

Challenges and Needs of Students with Undiagnosed Disabilities

The number of students enrolled in CEGEP disability support services has grown in recent years. Few data exist on the experiences of students with disabilities who pursue post-secondary education, and even fewer for those without a diagnosis. Yet the barriers to success they may face are numerous, in part because their access to support services and accommodation measures is restricted. This presentation will provide a sociodemographic portrait of students with disabilities without a diagnosis who responded to the CEGEP Student Population Survey (SPEC 1). The challenges and difficulties encountered during their previous schooling, as well as their anticipated support and service needs for the next college year, will also be presented.


The talk will be given in French and simultaneous interpretation from French to English will be provided.

Last Modified: March 26, 2024