Congratulations ECQ Grant Recipients!

In July, the Minister of Higher Education announced a total of $214,988 in Entente Canada-Quebec (ECQ) grants for Dawson from the 2022-23 call for projects launched last March. Here is a list of the new projects funded, including brief summaries:


  • Experiential Learning and Community-Based Fieldwork in the Local and Global Context

Gisela Frias (Geography) and Sara Louise Kendall (Geography)

The objective of this project is to develop and share key insights and resources for integrating community-based experiential learning opportunities into social-justice education programs across disciplines. This will occur through a series of Experiential Learning Convenings and the development of a pedagogical toolkit and video. Two intensive Field Trip courses will also be launched, giving students the opportunity to have transformative learning experiences outside of the traditional classroom setting, while providing a model for community-based experiential learning within the local and global context.

  • Internship toolkit for students with disabilities in technical programs

Catherine Fichten (Adaptech Research Network, Psychology)

Students with disabilities face unique challenges during internships that are an integral component of their professional training. A successful internship can hinge on several factors, including an inclusive environment and access to accommodations. The aim of the project is to facilitate the internship experiences of students with disabilities (e.g., sensory, motor or organic impairments, learning disabilities, neurological and/or mental health disorders) enrolled in Dawson career programs by creating a toolkit of effective strategies that reflect the views of students, internship supervisors and adapted services counsellors regarding internship needs, barriers and facilitators.

  • Developing a Database of Digital Characters for 3D Animation & CGI Students

Charles Le Guen (3D Animation & Computer Generated Imagery)

The goal of this project is to create a database of digital characters as a digital resource for students studying 3D Animation and Computer Generated Imagery. Giving students easier access to industry-caliber digital training resources will make them better trained and more desirable workforce candidates in Quebec’s animation industry.


The following three projects from the 2021 call for projects are two-year initiatives and will be continuing in 2022-23:


  • Creative collective for change

Patricia Romano (Humanities) and Kim Simard (Cinema – Communications)

  • Implementing the interprofessional education (IPE) approach to Cégep medical technology programs 

Tim Miller (Physiotherapy Technology)

  • Exploring AR City : Phase II

Reisa Levine (Cinema – Communications)

Last Modified: August 31, 2022