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Cassie Paine: Pedestrian Values

March 29th - May 4th, 2024
Cassie Paine, Fountain, Image by OKPedersen
NoteWe regret the college is closed from Friday, March 30 to Monday, April 1, inclusively.

Pedestrian Values reflects on economic shifts, labour patterns and development in post-industrial urban cities. Using metal fabrication, casting, and interventionist tactics to alter coded materials and infrastructure found in public space, the installations reveal underlying power structures in urban environments, critiquing capitalist value systems focused on profit and development, exposing how these ideals are built into our everyday environment.

The recurring banknote pattern from the board game, Monopoly, serves as an explicit critique of capital’s control over spatial relations that carries through the exhibition, adorning a traffic barrel, cast coins scattered across the floor of the gallery, and a construction privacy mesh.

Vernissage: Thursday, March 28th, 2024 at 5:00pm
Artist Talk: In gallery, Thursday, May 2, 12:15 pm.

Fine Arts Faculty Biennial 15

November 3rd - December 3rd, 2022
David Baumflek, Poor Relations, ceramic, 2002

Biennial 15 marks 30 years of Dawson Fine Arts Faculty members exhibiting their current art works at the Warren G. Flowers Art Gallery. It continues this long tradition of investigating the relationship between art making and learning, as well as reflects on the history of the biennial.

All faculty—past and present—of the Fine Arts department will have images and texts in the catalogue which accompanies the exhibition. There will also be a sound component containing faculty’s responses to the question of how the biennial has played a role in the pedagogical innovations of Dawson’s reputed Fine Arts Department.

Anna Williams: An Unquiet Mythology

September 15th - October 22nd, 2022
Anna Williams, Remedy, 2017

The Warren G. Flowers Art Gallery is pleased to present the work of Ottawa-based artist Anna Williams. This is the first Montreal exhibition of Williams, who has created technically and conceptually complex prints and bronze sculptures which reinterpret female roles, gender conformity, and attitudes towards nature in classical Greek myths.

Born in Ottawa, Anna Williams studied sculpture and printmaking at Mount Allison University (Sackville, New Brunswick), before returning to Ottawa, where she continues to work, garden, and live with her wife, children, dogs and an excessive number of houseplants.

a meadow holds many life-forms

June 10th - August 24th, 2022

Departing from The Grove, the title of the 2022 exhibition of Visual Arts graduates from Dawson College, a meadow holds many life-forms presents a selection of strong and innovative work by nine upcoming artists from that cohort: Alicia Ferguson, Jade, Victoria Petrecca-Berthelet, Sabrina Schmidt, Boning Tao, Phan Chau Anh Thai, Kathy Mai Truong, and Kessem Vaknin.

Like any ecosystem, a healthy meadow displays diversity and sustains that divergence and difference over time.

Resistance and Resilience: An online exhibition

October 8th, 2020 - June 30th, 2022

Exhibit website:

Twelve artists from first or second generation migrant/immigrant racialized communities of colour present work exploring  the  racism and systemic oppression they have experienced.   At times poetic, at times harrowing, their work in video, sculpture, installation and textiles seeks to open up dialogue and complexify discussions surrounding migration and narratives of nationalism, benevolence, and fear.

Initially proposed by Diana Rice of the Dawson College Centre for Peace, the exhibition was also conceived to include student, or emerging artists, who were selected by a jury following an open call for submissions.   

The Grove: VA Graduating Exhibition

May 19th - June 2nd, 2022

Dawson College and the Warren G. Flowers Art Gallery are pleased to present an in-person exhibition of the Visual Arts program graduates entitled, The Grove. These students have spent two years rising to the challenges of both online and in person activities to develop their skills and create the work presented in the gallery and surrounding hallways.

Graduating artists include: Alicia Ferguson, Boning Tao, Finn Ouellet, Janelle Molina-Hernandez, Joanna Triantafillou, Kathy Mai Truong, Kessem Vaknin, Sabrina Schmidt, Samantha Williamson, Tzu-Hsin Yang, Victoria Bonici, Xinyi Song, Zhicheng Xu, Gemma Serreqi, Jade Lafontant, Jazmine Floyd, Katerina Douzepis, Kelsey Yoo Kyung Park, Lennart Rui Yi-Dalman, Phan Chau Anh Thai, Sophie Diaferia, Suan Oh, Victoria Petrecca-Berthelet, Winnie Thermogène, Yingqi Zhang.

Louise Campion and Emily Comeau: Student Curatorial Incubator

May 2nd - 11th, 2022

In partnership with Dawson’s Department of Fine Arts, the Warren G. Flowers Art Gallery is offering an innovative pedagogical experience for students enrolled in Art Now, the third and final art history course offered in the Visual Art program, currently taught by Gwen Baddeley. Students will be guided and supported in the work of curating an exhibition to be installed by them, and opened to the public from May 2, to May 11, 2022.

The in-class component will consist of research on the work of artists Emily Comeau and Louise Campion, conceptualizing a curatorial vision and writing an exhibition proposal, as well as interpretive labels for the artworks.

Lan Florence Yee: Sharp Tools for Unripe Fruit

March 3rd - April 14th, 2022

Sharp Tools for Unripe Fruit underscores the awkwardness of monumentality and its precarious taste for nostalgia. The unfinished business of commemoration takes the form of hand-embroidered text, choosing the anti-spectacular visual elements of watermarks and default fonts.

Inspired by traditional printmaking processes, the PROOF series attempts to hold the desire for archival presence with the problems of its structure. In these interrupted photographs, the various subjects are unable (or unwilling) to be claimed.


January 27th - February 19th, 2022

After almost two years, Dawson's Fine Arts Department's 2020 Visual Arts Graduates are pleased to present how their practices have flourished and prospered, while staying true to their understanding of Eudaimonia.*

* Originating in Aristotelian ethics, eudaimonia is the condition of human flourishing or of living well. Aristotle used eudaimonia as the term for the highest human good, an objective standard of 'happiness,' based on what it means to live a human life well.

UNMASKED: a virtual exhibition showcasing Dawson’s AEC Commercial Photography graduates

December 27th, 2021 - January 26th, 2022

UNMASKED reveals the creative results of a two year formative process in the face of pandemic. It is marked by resilience and captivating visuals.

The students write, “we started off this program as enthusiastic photographers, eager to learn and step into the real world. However, the global pandemic soon made us unsure about our future. It was the immense help and support of our program coordinators, teachers and technicians that made this program a success.

Out of the Blue: Professional Photography Fifth Semester Exhibition

December 2nd - 10th, 2021

Out of the Blue is the first of two exhibitions of third-year students’ work in the Dawson Professional Photography Program. This collection of works represents a variety of photography genres, as each student explores their area of interest for their 5th-semester portfolio. After a year and a half of limited access to the college, this group of emerging professionals are finally back full-time to master their craft. Their return to the studio has left them feeling that they have finally moved Out of the Blue.

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