Phase II: Social Science Humanities Research Council Grant

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Institutional Structures and Sustainability

In July 2015 we began Phase II of the Sustainable Campuses Initiative. With funding from the Social Science Humanities and Research Council we are currently working on Sustainable Campuses: A North-South Research and Action Community.

For Phase II we partnered with the Universidad Pedagogica Nacional (Morelos) and the Universidad Politecnica del Estado de Morelos. With the support of the Instituto Mexicano para el Desarrollo de Ciudades Verdes S.C. (Mexican NGO) and the Earth Values Institute we are working on:

  • Identify and evaluate institutional practices that support sustainability
  • Strengthen and expand partnerships and networks that foster a transition towards sustainability among educational institutions at all levels, while generating knowledge about inter-institutional and North-South relationships for sustainability.

Last Modified: January 19, 2016