What is a Sustainable Campus?



“A sustainable campus is one that has achieved a reduction of its ecological footprint well beyond standards and has done so with an institutional ethos that advocates for justice, peace, respect and action to protect the integrity of natural systems and demonstrates an open willingness to share this information beyond its own walls, wherever it’s needed”

Chris Adam, Coordinator of Sustainable Dawson.


“A sustainable campus is a space in which the community can learn and gradually develop a culture of sustainability and stewardship of natural resources”

Luisa Montes, Sustainability Coordinator at Benito Juárez Teachers’ College

Whether working to reduce our ecological footprint, raise awareness about environmental problems or research sustainable solutions, educational institutions that are working to transform themselves as agents of change are living and learning institutions for sustainability. The concept of “sustainable campus” is an aspiration, a vision that nourishes our practice.  Each educational institution, unique in its history and culture, can create its own path of sustainability.

Last Modified: November 1, 2016