Evaluation External Evaluations- Sustainable  Campuses’ Workshops

Final Evaluation Workshop - Phase I IDRC

Dr. Janice Astbury is a Research Associate at Durham University. Her research centers in the fields of environmental action and sustainability to which she has contributed thorough a collaborative research approach. She has also worked in local and international project and program management with a focus on community based initiatives in organizations like Canada’s J.W. McConnell Family Foundation and the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (Canada, Mexico, US). We were fortunate to have her participation in the final evaluation workshop of Phase I of the Sustainable Campuses’ initiative. She shares with us her insights on the initiative through this report.  Phase I Evaluation

Evaluacion del proyecto - Planteles Educativos Sustenables: Compartiendo Saberes

Teresita Maldonado is an expert in the field of education. She has an extensive profesional career that involves teaching, curriculum design, environmental education, teacher training, environmental management, educational evaluation and design of educational materials. She has worked both in academia and public administration.

Miguel Izquierdo is a professor and ex-director of the Universidad Pedagogica Nacional (Morelos) and present sub-secretary of education (Primary and Secondary) for the State of Morelos, Mexico.

Maldonado and Izquierdo carried out an evaluation of Phase I of the Sustainable Campuses’ initiative. Their insights are shared in the following document External Evaluation

Last Modified: January 19, 2016