Internship 2013

 Disseminating Experience & Wisdom

This book shows, in a practical manner, how relationships between students, academics and staff from various institutions from two countries (Mexico and Canada) were woven as they made a collective commitment to sustainability in their schools. Its value lies in the authenticity in which the long and rich journey taken by those involved is described; the development of relationships, their joint plan of action, the learning from each other and the recognition that we need each other to achieve our common goals. Poverty, inequality, contempt for others and nature, are major impediments identified in this set path and are a challenge to our educational practices.

Miguel A. Izquierdo – Sub secretary of Education State of Morelos, Mexico

Sharing Knowledge to Create Sustainable Campuses, is the fruit of our collaborative labour, those of us who journeyed together down the path towards the realization of our dream to take care of the global village by starting with our schools.

 Sharing Our Knowledge to Create Sustainable Campuses represents an effort that ultimately aims to get schools to be as they should be, to take back their core mission and be the seedbeds that cultivate and reproduce the experiences and lessons that help one take care of and enjoy the most remarkable thing we have: life in all its shapes, forms and meanings.

Sharing Knowledge to Create Sustainable Campuses, Gisela Frias & Margarita Hurtado

Would you like to read the outcomes of the International Development Research Centre project initiated by Gisela Frias and Margarita Hurtado. Click on the links below, and you can read about this amazing project in Sharing our Knowledge to Create Sustainable Campuses. For your reading convenience and pleasure, this title is available in English, French and Spanish.

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