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The Sustainable Campuses initiative is built on the principles of partnership and collaboration. We strongly believe that the key to transforming our educational institutions is a commitment to continuous learning.  Our initiative supports a process of institutional transformation, a path towards sustainability in post secondary educational institutions and the establishment of a process of knowledge generation and sharing among cross sectorial and cross cultural educational institutions of the North and South. Our partnerships involve student exchanges, collaborative research, collaboration in pedagogical approaches and initiatives, institutional visits and other joint ventures.

Universidad Pedagogica Nacional - Morelos

With the motto “Educate to Transform”, the National Pedagogic University (UPN) was established in 1979 as a decentralized state institution with campuses throughout Mexico. Its main mission is to provide teachers, all throughout Mexico, with an undergraduate education. The UPN (Morelos) has three campuses, an urban campus in Cuernavaca and two rural campuses in Galeana and Ayala. The UPN Morelos has been a partner in this initiative since its beginning. Institutional support as well as student engagement are creating a valuable experience in campus sustainability. Students are the UPN are Mexico’s future teachers.  If you want to learn more about the UPN you can visit their website or you can also follow them on facebook

The main projects carried out at the UPN Cuernavaca, Ayala and Galeana during Phase I of the Sustainable Campuses initiative are documented in the following reports.

The Universidad Pedagogica Nacional- Morelos

Universidad Politecnica del Estado de Morelos

The UPEMOR is a technical university with a strong commitment to sustainability. With an environmental engineering program and the CECAM, a center for environmental education and capacity building they are leaders on campus sustainability. A leader in environmental technology, the UPEMOR has shared their knowledge and experience generously helping us all be better prepared to meet the challenges of institutional sustainability. You can visit their website.

Escuela Particular Normal Superior Lic. Benito Juarez

The Normal Superior began operations in 1987 as a result of a social commitment established by the National Mexican Teacher’s Union to provide “education for the people”. Since then, generations of graduates have entered the educational field at the Normal Superior. Most have become primary and secondary school teachers in both public and private schools, and others follow pedagogical careers using the general preparation acquired.

The Normal Superior was a partner in the IDRC funded Phase I of the Sustainable Campuses initiative. Its administration’s solid commitment to sustainability has resulted in several important project such as the “Agua Viva” and “Aula Viva” project documented in the  book Sharing Knowledge to Create Sustainable Campuses

The main projects carried out during Phase I of the Sustainable Campuses initiative are documented in the following activity report,


Preparatoria Comunitaria de Tres Marías, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos

The Preparatoria Comunitaria Tres Marias, which is a Preparatory school part of the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos is one of the last institutions to formally join the Sustainable Campuses Project. This school is located in the forested community of Tres Marias and has as a mandate to educate for Sustainable Development. It does so through a curriculum that focuses on forest management and community development.  You can learn about this institution through their website.


Instituto Mexicano para el desarrollo de Ciudades

Instituto Mexicano para el Desarrollo de Ciudades Verdes S.C.  a.k. Ciudades Verdes  is a Mexican civil organization whose main objective is to promote sustainable development through scientific and technological activities, promoting processes which articulate government and society with professional consultancy specializing in municipal, State and federal levels. Its members work to offers technical and organizational solutions as well as offer training to address environmental problems. They work to foster collaborative relationships among community members, civil society organizations, the private sectors, academic and educational institutions, national and international entities and others who work for sustainability.

Ciudades Verdes has been a key member of our partnership providing coordination efforts between Dawson College and our Mexican institutional partners. You can follow Ciudades Verdes on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/Ciudades-Verdes-Educación-Ambiental-490133051098798/?fref=ts

Intituto Mexicano para el desarrollo de Ciudades

Earth Values Institute

Earthvalues is a non-profit organization based in Montreal, Canada. Using a philosophy of Nature as teacher and experiential and holistic approaches to education. The organization played a leadership role in starting sustainability efforts at Dawson College and the formal establishment of Sustainable Dawson. As such, its participation in this initiative was key. Their experience in leadership for sustainability and the establishment of student driven programs for sustainability was identified as key to this project from its beginning.

The Earth Values Institute

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