Professional Development Workshop – Report

repurposing materials for furniture

Integrating Sustainability into Professional Development

The workshop had the participation of Dawson College faculty who teach environmental content in their courses. Participating faculty came from different programs including social science (sociology, geography and anthropology), science, business administration and CRLT. In addition, a teacher from the Mexican university “Normal Superior Benito Juárez” and an undergraduate student from the Mexican National Pedagogical University also participated.

The methodology included group integration activities aimed to generate an atmosphere of trust and cordiality to favor alternative forms of expression to those that teachers normally use in their classes, such as play and expression through art. Through an experiential approach participants engaged in artistic expression, theater, played games, shared laughter and tears, engaged in human contact through hugs or holding hands and established a dialog of knowledge. All these exchanges gave to the group the opportunity to learn that these provide complementary and alternate paths for the treatment of environmental issues.

To learn more about what went on in this workshop please check out the report below.

Last Modified: January 27, 2016