Message from the Director General

I am writing this to you from home, where I am spending most of my time working. This is an historic time and we are facing an unprecedented challenge.

My main focus right now is to find ways to support our employees so that you may support our core mission to educate students.

I want to reassure you that my team, the Academic Dean, the directors and deans, are working very hard to support you.

Unions part of the planning 
We are developing plans to address the challenges of the next few weeks and beyond. The Director’s General Group and the Deans Group are meeting daily to address the rapidly evolving situation. The union executives of the Dawson Teachers’ Union, the Association of Dawson Professionals and the Dawson Support Staff Union are part of these efforts. We have had discussions with them and will continue to do so.

We are fortunate on many levels. Firstly, I am grateful that our students are currently on Study Break. It gives us a little more time to plan various scenarios.

Thursday pay as usual 

I am also grateful that we are all being paid during this two-week period. Thursday’s payroll will go through just as it always does.

I believe that the Quebec Government will be alongside us with support and funds to upgrade our tools and platforms to meet the unique challenges of this strange time we are living through.

I invite you to show your solidarity and check in on your elderly family members, friends, your retired colleagues and neighbours. Pick up the phone and call them. Check if they need groceries or anything else.

I also encourage you to check in with each other because the feeling of isolation cuts across all age groups.

Stay home 

And please heed the guidelines the Quebec Government has urged us to follow: stay home and only leave for absolutely essential reasons, such as groceries. Practice good hygiene, especially hand washing.

Do not treat this time away from the College like a snow day. It is not the time for socializing with friends inside, your home or theirs. Meet outside and keep a minimum distance of 1 metre. Go for walks, runs and bike rides but keep your physical distance.

There is a great need for more health workers. If you are qualified, please sign up here:

We are confident that with everyone’s contribution and care, we will soon put this health emergency behind us.

Thank you for your patience 

I know that you have many questions and we are working hard on getting some answers. Thank you for your patience.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Filion
Director General







Last Modified: March 17, 2020