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Dawson’s Sustainable Happiness community offer tips for well-being

January 19th, 2022

A round-up of simple things you can do to feel better during these strange times.

Tips are offered by six Sustainable Happiness facilitators from Dawson. Click Read More to learn what you can do to improve your well-being today.

Meditation: part of working from home wellness

May 4th, 2021

Practicing meditation belongs in your self-care strategy. A simple technique is to go to a calm place, set a timer for 10 minutes, close your eyes and focus only on your breathing.

Here are some resources recommended by the College Nurses that can help you:

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Walk to better health

April 20th, 2021

Walking outdoors is known to be beneficial. Studies have shown that being in Nature reduces tension and depression, energizes you, and much more. Benefits of walking outside: Reduces stress and cheers you up If you’ve ever gone out for a walk after a stressful situation and come back calmer and collected, you know firsthand how…

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Well-being while working from home

April 7th, 2021

Create a work schedule Get dressed as if you were going to work, don’t stay in PJ’s or sweats all day. Make a space just for your work, it may only be a certain area on the kitchen table. Talk with family and let them know when you are at work and cannot be disturbed….

Working from home wellness tips

March 23rd, 2021

At Dawson, we are fortunate to have a variety of in-house expertise on so many topics. The Health and Safety Committee feels that it would be valuable to offer our colleagues tips for Working from Home Wellness. Until we all return to the College, we will be presenting these tips in D News.

Here is the first batch of tips from our Dawson colleague Michelle Mangal, Psychologist:

Routine tips:

  • A morning routine can help you distinguish a work day from a day off.
  • An after-work routine helps you separate work from your personal life. Leave the house, take a walk, do anything that gives you a cue that your work day is over.

Balancing your “have-to’s” and “want-to’s”:

  • Make sure you have a balance between your “have to’s” and “want to’s.” “Have to’s” are responsibilities. Doing only “have-to’s” can lead to burn out. “Want to’s” are self-care activities. When we only engage in “want to’s” without accomplishing our “have-to’s”, we may feel bad.
  • Self-care is important fuel. Plan for your wellness, know how you will take care of yourself in advance, and make self-care part of your plan for the day.
  • Take control where you can, make your work environment pleasant, move around the home if possible or needed throughout the day.

Last Modified: January 19, 2022


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