Two new awards to be presented at Fall Awards Night

Dawson College is holding our annual Fall Awards Night on Nov. 30.

“We will celebrate our students who are committed, perseverant, hard-working, caring and kind,” said Academic Dean Leanne Bennett. “The achievement of our students is our collective achievement- the ultimate result of the dedication of our teachers, support staff, professionals and managers and is, of course, shared with our students’ parents, activity leaders and coaches.”

Many of the awards are funded by donors through the Dawson Foundation, including the Dawson Teachers’ Union, the Association of Dawson Professionals, CAE Inc., the Howlett family, the Fainsilber family and the Manitt family.

Two new awards will be presented: the Mahsa Amini Scholarship, created by students last year with the support of the Dawson Student Union and funding from the Dawson Foundation’s Student Academic Enrichment Fund, and the Dawson College Perseverance Award created by Awards Officer Jessie Evans.

A new award open to all students

“Since I started working in the Awards and Scholarships Office in Fall 2020, I’ve met so many amazing students,” said Jessie. “Some of them were working very hard but were still struggling and they would come to me and ask if there was an award they could apply for, and looking at what we had to offer, often based on program of study or some very specific criteria, I had to tell them there just wasn’t anything. It became really important to me that all students, no matter what they are studying, have at least one award they can apply for.”

Thanks to funding from the Dawson Foundation’s Student Academic Enrichment Fund, a Perseverance Award is available for one student from each sector: Creative & Applied Arts; Science, Medical Studies and Engineering; Social Science & Business Technologies; and Continuing Education and Community Services.

Jessie says the impact of the award is very practical. “Providing financial support to students who have shown a commitment to their studies despite outside obstacles will impact their ability to buy books, pay for food or housing, and allow them to work fewer hours,” she said.

Hope for the future

“My hope is that on top of the financial relief this award will provide, the recognition of students’ achievement will encourage them to further their education and pursue their goals.”

The new Mahsa Amini Scholarship is for international and refugee students who were ineligible for many of the awards.

Candice Zhong of the Dawson Student Union says that “last year, we were looking for ways to close gaps and provide some help to relieve difficult situations of our fellow students. The Mahsa Amini Scholarship is especially important for the DSU since it is a way for us to show support for students.

Helping students who deserve to thrive

“The Mahsa Amini Scholarship aims to help international and refugee students affected by conflict and in need of financial aid. Though not often brought to our attention, these crises can have a significant negative impact on students’ personal and academic lives.

“Students who receive this new award are those who have enriched Dawson College with their presence. These students deserve to thrive in their academic journey.”

Over 20 students were expected to attend the event with their families.

Photo: Last year, Giulia Parisi received the Anne-Marie Howlett Memorial Award. Here she is pictured with the Howlett family at the 2022 Fall Awards Night. This year, she is receiving a different Nursing award and the Howletts will be in attendance.

Last Modified: November 30, 2023