Winter 2020 Decolonization And Indigenization Studies Courses

Course Name Code Section(s) Teacher
Living on the Land: Traditional Indigenous Outdoor Activities (INT) 109-103-MQ 12 Cindy Cantin Starzenski
Indigenous Resistance 300-308-DW 29 Benjamin Lander
Environmental Issues 320-303-DW 1 Geoff Pearce
Applied Social and Economic History: The Family 330-325-DW 1,3 Nancy Rebelo
Apologies and Reparations 330-401-DW 1 Mark Beauchamp
Journeys World Views: Crime and Punishment 345-102-MQ 17 Anjali Choksi
Introduction to Anthropology 381-101-DW 5 Maciej Domanski
Advanced Studies In Economics 383-401-DW 1 Charles-Albert Ramsay
Individual and Society 387-101-DW 6 Elliot Kerr
Education 387-216-DW 1 Elliot Kerr
Sexuality & Society 387-314 DW 2, 3 Kelly Phipps
Advanced Studies in Sociology: Indigenous Resurgence 387-401-DW 2 Laura Shea
Introduction to Contemporary Indigenous Art 520-BWA-03 3 Pohanna Feinberg
Media & Society 530-926-DW 1, 2 Reisa Levine
Interactive Arts: Local to Global 585-917-DW 1 Bérengère Marin Dubuard
French Culture & Literature 602-103-MQ 2, 7 Christian Paré
Comprendre et mieux s’exprimer 602-BXB-DW 50 (INT) Christian Paré
Indigenous Science Fiction and Fantasy 603-102-MQ 10 Pauline Morel
Postcolonialism and Science Fiction 603-103-MQ 23 Neil Hartlen
Literature and Borders 603-917-DW 1 Pauline Morel
Integrative Seminar 300-308-DW 32, 33 Lisa Steffen
Imaging Violence and Nonviolence 365-BXP-DW 12001 Kim Simard
Research Methods: Oral History 300-300-DW 3 Mark Beauchamp
Research Methods: Oral History 300-300-DW 5 Ben Lander
Between the Self & Other 300-308-DW 4, 37 Joseph Rosen

(*Note: the list is not exhaustive; not all courses are offered every semester)

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