Courses Offered – Winter 2023

TitleCourse NumberSection NumberTeacher
Outdoor Education Activities (INTENSIVE)109103MQ9Montreuil, Richard
Research Methods300300DW9Pineda, Carolina
Research Methods300300DW10Pineda, Carolina
Research Methods300300DW32Lander, Benjamin
Research Methods300300DW33Beauchamp, Mark
Research Methods300300DW35Lander, Benjamin
Research Methods300300DW39Kendall, Sara Louise
Research Methods300300DW44Pineda, Carolina
Victuals300308DW25Chochol, Caroline
Fashion Your Passion300308DW31Banki, Ahmad
Fashion Your Passion300308DW32Banki, Ahmad
Indigenous Canada300308DW35Duckett, Michael
Indigenous Canada300308DW36Duckett, Michael
Social Justice Movements300308DW39Beauchamp, Mark
Indigenous Canada300308DW40Duckett, Michael
Introduction to Geography and the Environment320102DW6Frias, Gisela
Environmental Issues320303DW1Pearce, Geoffrey
Geography and the Environment320BWS036Frias, Gisela
Crime and Injustices in Canada330201DW1Braithwaite, Catherine
Crime and Society330201DW2Caux, Rachèle
Crime and Injustices in Canada330201DW3Braithwaite, Catherine
Colonization and Decolonization330221DW1Shea, Diane
History of Indigenous Canada330302DW1Duckett, Michael
Art and Power in the 20th Century330314DW1Parr, Jocelyn
The Family330325DW1Rebelo, Nancy
The Family330325DW2Rebelo, Nancy
History of Science and Technology330BWS031Lander, Benjamin
Friedrich Nietzsche: Philosophy, Mythology and Art340913DW1Hoffmann, Susan-Judith
Friedrich Nietzsche: Philosophy, Mythology and Art340913DW2Hoffmann, Susan-Judith
Native Ways of Knowing345101MQ5Dewan, Aditya Kumar
Art: Interpreting the Past and the Present345101MQ11D'Antoni, Leanne
Art: Interpreting the Past and the Present345101MQ12D'Antoni, Leanne
The Death of Homo Economicus345102MQ3Miles, Gray
Worldviews of Indigenous Peoples345102MQ8Dewan, Aditya Kumar
Justice 2 (Journeys)345102MQ12Choksi, Anjali
Bad Attitudes: An Introduction to Pessimism and Skepticism345102MQ15Bobiy, Mikaela
Cultural Identity and Cultural Rights345102MQ18Choksi, Anjali
Worldviews of Indigenous Peoples345102MQ19Dewan, Aditya Kumar
The Enlightenment and Romanticism345102MQ24Coléno, Jean
The Death of Homo Economicus345102MQ31Miles, Gray
Justice, Development, and Change345102MQ43Johnston, Isabelle
Justice, Development, and Change345102MQ44Johnston, Isabelle
The unseen world: Magic in Ritual, Fairy Tale and Fantasy345102MQ18002Miles, Gray
Investigating Story Value(s)345BXHDW12001Miles, Gray
Quantitative Methods360300DW3De Aguayo, Anna
Quantitative Methods360300DW4De Aguayo, Anna
Field Experience in a Developing Country360321DW1Kendall, Sara Louise
Foundations in Indigenization and Decolonization365BWPDW4Lickers, Amanda
Imaging Violence and Nonviolence365BXPDW12001Simard, Kim
Introduction to World Religions370102DW1Kepka, Natalie
Introduction to World Religions370102DW2Kepka, Natalie
Religion and Popular Culture370215DW1Zylberberg, Sonia
Introduction to World Religions370BWS031Kepka, Natalie
Introduction to World Religions370BWS032Kepka, Natalie
Contemporary Social Concerns: Sex, Gender and Religion370BXS031Zylberberg, Sonia
Introduction to Anthropology381101DW1Wolfson, Katarzyna
Introduction to Anthropology381101DW2Wolfson, Katarzyna
Introduction to Anthropology381101DW3Wolfson, Katarzyna
Introduction to Anthropology381101DW4De Aguayo, Anna
Introduction to Anthropology381101DW5De Aguayo, Anna
Microeconomics383201DW3Banki, Ahmad
The Economics of Sex and Drugs383BXS031Banki, Ahmad
Individual and Society387101DW2Shea, Laura
Individual and Society387101DW3Shea, Laura
Individual and Society387101DW4Shea, Laura
Individual and Society387101DW5Phipps, Kelly
Individual and Society387101DW6Misdrahi Flores, Marian
Individual and Society387101DW9Phipps, Kelly
Food and the Environment387401DW1Aunio, Anna-Liisa
Indigenous Resurgence387401DW2Shea, Laura
Addressing Social Problems 2388215DW2Miller, Marti
The Power of Non-Violent Communication388BWSDW1Kuzmarov, Alyssa
Canadian Art in Context520917DW1Feinberg, Pohanna
Introduction to Contemporary Indigenous Art520BWA033Feinberg, Pohanna
Art and Place520BWA034Feinberg, Pohanna
Visual Arts Since 1950520BWA035Watson, Sarah
Canadian Art in Context520BWA036Feinberg, Pohanna
Media Lab530413DW2Rafla, Myriam
Interactive Arts: Local to Global585917DW1Marin Dubuard, Bérengère
Tangible Media: Making Things Interactive585923DW1Marin Dubuard, Bérengère
Langue française et culture602102MQ3Ephrem El Boustani-Safi, Leila
Langue française et culture602102MQ4Mélançon, Jacques
Langue française et culture602102MQ11Paré, Christian
Comprendre et mieux s'exprimer602BXBDW4Vaillant, David
Comprendre et mieux s'exprimer602BXBDW5Vaillant, David
Comprendre et mieux s'exprimer (INTENSIVE)602BXBDW50Paré, Christian
Our Stories, Our Voices603102MQ10Roberts, Lorne
The unseen world: Magic in Ritual, Fairy Tale, and Fantasy603102MQ18002Miles, Gray
The Lord of the Rings603103MQ11Million, Rebecca
The Lord of the Rings603103MQ17Million, Rebecca

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