Coordinator of the Environment and Sustainability Certificate
Brian Mader
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Office: 7B.10-1
Local: 4717
Program Support Sustainability Office
Sophie La Font
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Office: 4B.3A-5
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Apply your knowledge, skills and passion to real-world challenges – and create better-world impacts!

What’s it about?


A healthy, just and sustainable world can only be attained through the combined efforts of all of us. The Environment and Sustainability Certificate at Dawson College will allow students from any program to develop the knowledge, skills and agency needed for understanding and addressing the environmental and related societal challenges of the 21st century.

All elements of the Environment and Sustainability Certificate will offer students an immersive learning experience in environment and sustainability, in multiple disciplines accessible to students from all programs. Starting with foundational knowledge from ecology and the related natural sciences, students will learn how environment, society and economy interact, and how they can contribute to building resilient human and natural systems.


Students will also have a variety of opportunities to participate in related co-curricular sustainability-related projects that benefit the college and community. Many courses in the Environment and Sustainability Certificate will connect co-curricular activities with course work, allowing students, for example, to present their work during Dawson’s Earth Week or participate in an on-campus research biodiversity or landscaping project.


Interested in joining us?

The Environment and Sustainability Certificate is based on a credit system, designed to ensure that there are multiple pathways for certificate completion. To complete the certificate, you must receive a total of 10 credits. Credits can be obtained via:

  • Environment and Sustainability Certificate Courses (3 credits each)

Courses listed under the Environment and Sustainability Certificate are worth 3 credits each. You may use a filter in the online timetable to find listed courses during your registration period.
List of Environment and Sustainability Certificate courses offered this semester

  • Certificate Orientation Attendance (1 credit)

The Environment and Sustainability Certificate orientation is worth 1 credit. The schedule for each semester will be available in your portal under “My Communities” and advertised via MIO. Registration can be done on this site (see menu on the right).

  • Co-curricular activity (1 credit each)

Activities pertaining to the Environment and Sustainability Certificate are worth 1 credit. The opportunities for participation in co-curricular activities will be advertised via MIO.

  • Major project (1 credit each)

Students may receive 1 credit for a project that comprises more than 20% of their in-class work in a course that is NOT listed within the certificate. Projects must address an issue directly related to environmental and sustainability, and must be approved by the certificate coordinator.

Please use the submission form to report Projects and Activities.

Project / Activity Submission


To enrol in the Environment and Sustainability Certificate, follow these steps:

      1. Log in to the MyDawson Portal
      2. Click “My Intranet” (on left side)
      3. Click “Certificates of Study”
      4. Enroll in a new Dawson Certificate of Study
        • Select “Environment and Sustainability Certificate” from the drop-down menu
        • Enter your network password
        • Click Submit
      5. You will then see a new section called “Certificates in which you have registered”
        1. The Environment and Sustainability Certificate will be listed there

Watch for opportunities in the Environment and Sustainability Certificate in your portal!

You can contact coordinator Brian Mader (Biology) with any questions at or by MIO message.

Last Modified: February 17, 2023