Courses Offered – Winter 2024

TitleCourse NumberSection NumberTeacher
Outdoor Fitness (COMPRESSED)109101MQ1Haddad, Caroline
Fitness Walking (COMPRESSED)109101MQ2Corinthios, Angela
Sport Fitness109101MQ4Montreuil, Richard
Fitness Walking (COMPRESSED)109101MQ6Di Genova, Venere
Eco Landscaping (COMPRESSED)109101MQ7Wasacz, Paul
Day Hiking (COMPRESSED)109101MQ8Montreuil, Richard
Sport Fitness109101MQ45Montreuil, Richard
Sport Fitness109101MQ46Montreuil, Richard
Downhill Skiing/Snowboarding (PRE-SEMESTER)109102MQ3Montreuil, Richard
Out On The Land: Wilderness Skills (INTENSIVE)109102MQ7Cantin-Starzenski, Cindy
Fitness Activities (PRE-SEMESTER)109103MQ2Di Genova, Venere
Canoe Camping109103MQ5Cantin-Starzenski, Cindy
Outdoor Ed. Act. (COMPRESSED)109103MQ6Cantin-Starzenski, Cindy
Backpack Hiking (INTENSIVE)109103MQ8Egan, Jonathan
Nature Retreat (INTENSIVE)109103MQ9Nakhlé, Layal
Active Living: Indoor Cycling109103MQ25Brasseur, James
Active Living: Indoor Cycling109103MQ40Brasseur, James
Engineering and Environment221674DW1Babarutsi, Sofia
Engineering and Environment221674DW2Babarutsi, Sofia
Emerging Technologies241602DW1Kingsland, Adam
Victuals300308DW30Chochol, Caroline
Victuals300308DW31Chochol, Caroline
Introduction to Geography and the Environment320102DW1Barnes, Jeffrey
Introduction to Geography and the Environment320102DW2Barnes, Jeffrey
Introduction to Geography and the Environment320102DW3Frias, Gisela
Introduction to Geography and the Environment320102DW4Frias, Gisela
Introduction to Geography and the Environment320102DW5Frias, Gisela
Introduction to Geography3201N1DW1Barnes, Jeffrey
Introduction to Geography3201N1DW2Barnes, Jeffrey
Introduction to Geography3201N1DW3Frias, Gisela
Introduction to Geography3201N1DW4Frias, Gisela
Introduction to Geography3201N1DW5Frias, Gisela
Environmental Issues320303DW1Pearce, Geoffrey
Geography and the Environment320BWS031Kendall, Sara Louise
The Death of Homo Economicus345102MQ17Miles, Gray
The Death of Homo Economicus345102MQ19Miles, Gray
The Universe on Your Plate345BXHDW19Goldsmith, Daniel
Advanced Environmental Studies360401DW2Kepka, Natalie
Designing Solutions for a Better World (INTENSIVE)365BWPDW1Miller, Timothy
Ecology and Culture (EARLY INTENSIVE)365BWPDW5De Bellis, Tonia
Environmental Economics383A06DW1Alegue Feugo, Jean Duclos
Fieldwork 2391128DW1Falquero, Lara
Organization and Management of Recreation Programs391184DW1Taylor, Myka
Group Leadership : Theory and Practice 1391210DW1Taylor, Myka
Group Leadership : Theory and Practice 1391210DW2Taylor, Myka
Sustainability and Business401225DW1Stavaris, Helen
Art and Place520BWA032Feinberg, Pohanna
Introduction to Contemporary Indigenous Art520BWA033Feinberg, Pohanna
Canadian Art in Context520BWA034Feinberg, Pohanna
Building Systems, Environmental Design570448DW1Tinling, Adolphe
Building Systems, Environmental Design570448DW2Legault, Anne-Marie
Product Ergonomics57047EDW1Webb, Kim Anita
Visions actuelles602BXDDW42Audy, Lysanne
Aspects de la science et des techniques602BXFDW42Audy, Lysanne
Actualités des sciences humaines602BXGDW42Audy, Lysanne
Literary Genres603102MQ10Roberts, Lorne
Nurturing Nature603103MQ3Thatcher, Wendy
Remember the Humans? Posthumanism in Literature603103MQ18Million, Rebecca
Remember the Humans? Posthumanism in Literature603103MQ19Million, Rebecca
Literature and Borders603917DW1Roberts, Lorne
Food for Thought: From Farm to Table603BXEDW5Thatcher, Wendy
Food for Thought: From Farm to Table603BXEDW6Thatcher, Wendy
Ecological Literacy603BXEDW8MacKenzie, Ian Duncan

Last Modified: February 21, 2024