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Program Coordinator
Michelle Smith
Office: 3B.21
Local: 4784

Journeys: A First Peoples’ College Transition Program is a one-year bridging program designed to provide First Nations, Inuit and Métis students with a welcoming, holistic, supportive and culturally relevant environment for learning at the post-secondary level.

Journeys provides a learning path that enables Indigenous students to take a series of general education credit courses that combine Indigenous knowledge, culture, traditions, and pedagogical approaches with the academic knowledge and study skills necessary for success at the post-secondary level. The thematically interlinked General Education courses are taught by culturally aware and engaged faculty working closely with Indigenous communities to ensure the inclusion of culturally relevant content and approaches.

Journeys offers courses that are connected in theme, content, and learning strategies, thereby fostering a learning community that includes students, teachers, support staff, and community representatives.

Among the benefits of this program are:

  • tight-knit and supportive learning community
  • close teacher-student associations
  • culturally relevant content and pedagogy
  • flexibility depending on student needs and interests
  • integrated approach to learning
  • built-in academic, cultural and spiritual support
  • acquisition of learning strategies for the post-secondary level
  • close collaboration with communities

Upon successful completion of this one-year program, students will be eligible to apply to Dawson’s pre-university or career programs. Students must apply and meet the criteria for transfer into their chosen program of studies.

Last Modified: June 2, 2020