Questions about Learning Communities? Get in touch with any one of the project leads.

Learning Communities Project Lead
Ian MacKenzie
Office: 4D.5
Local: 4319
Science Lead
Jean-François Brière
Office: 7A.16
Local: 4013
Science Lead
Annie-Hélène Samson
Office: 5A.19
Local: 4770
Social Science Lead
Lisa Steffen
Office: 5D.21
Local: 4636
General Education and Certificates Lead
Patricia Romano
Office: 4D.20
Local: 4417
Learning Communities Pre-registration
Karina D'Ermo
Office: 4B.1-9
Local: 1405
Academic Advisor
Michele Pallett
Office: 2D.4-3
Local: 1172

Last Modified: October 5, 2021