Ildiko Glaser-Hille appointed new Peace Centre Coordinator

Ildiko Glaser-Hille joined Dawson College Jan. 13 as Coordinator of the Peace Centre. Ildiko is replacing Diana Rice, who is on leave until Nov. 2020.

Ildiko holds a PhD in Religions and Cultures and a Master’s degree in history and philosophy of religion, both from Concordia University. Prior to joining Dawson, Ildiko was a faculty member at Bishop’s University, where she did her B.A. in Drama, Classical Studies and Religion. She has also managed many academic events and conferences.

“It feels like everything is new at Dawson,” Ildiko says. “I believe that many things are possible and I look forward to being part of it and getting to know this community.”

Ildiko will be ensuring the continuity of the Peace Centre dossiers, such as the Resistance and Resilience art project, and contributing to Social Science Week and Earth Week.


Last Modified: January 21, 2020