Resistance, Resilience and Beyond workshop by Cathy Richardson March 24

Dr. Cathy Richardson will be presenting her 1.5 hour workshop, “Resistance, Resilience and Beyond” March 24 at noon as part of the Warren G Flowers Art Gallery’s Resistance and Resilience Series, and sponsored by the Peace Centre and the Faculty Hub.

In this presentation, Dr. Cathy Richardson will discuss the concepts of resistance, resilience and responses to violence and adversity including:

  • The importance of uplifting and repairing human dignity in human service work and in social interaction
  • The concept of “social responses” as related to disclosure and experience of mistreatment and the importance of mapping these “social responses” in order to understand social interaction and to plan for safety
  • The importance of “telling it like it is” and using accurate and clear language to represent situations in order for people to heal and recover from their experiences

At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand responses of resistance and resilience to adversity
  • Recognize the importance of using clear language in discussing experiences
  • Understand and appreciate the importance of repairing human dignity in social, service, and pedagogical interactions.

This event is open to all Day and Continuing Education faculty.

Follow this link to register for the event.

Last Modified: March 10, 2020