Life Drawing sessions continued online

The Open Studio Life Drawing sessions have been a tradition at Dawson College for over 16 years. Founded by retired faculty members Lucy Trahan (Illustration) and Giuseppe Di Leo (Fine Arts), the evening sessions give students a chance to practice capturing the human form.

Desire to carry on
When Dawson College was closed March 13, there was a desire to carry on with this beyond-the-classroom learning. The Life Drawing sessions feature nude models who change poses quickly at the beginning and then hold a pose for a longer period of time.

“These weekly sessions help students refine their drawing skills, hone their observational skills and enhance their drawing techniques,” explained Pauline Fresco, Co-Chairperson and Co-Coordinator of the Illustration Program.

For CAA students but open to everyone
Students from Illustration, 3D Animation and Computer Generated Imagery, Visual Arts and Graphic Design are the main participants, but the sessions have always been open to the entire Dawson community and sometimes alumni return to Dawson to participate.

Thanks to support from Dean Andréa Cole and the Student Success Action Plan, the sessions were able to continue with a new remote set-up during the shutdown. Students Audrey Gravel and Chaimae Khouldi were the student coordinators responsible for these sessions. Special thanks to our administrative assistant Helen Wawrzetz who also helped in coordinating student participation. The sessions took place on the Zoom platform and the models wore bathing suits since it was on the internet.

Three sessions drew 25 participants
The Open Studio Life Drawing remote sessions took place April 27, May 4 and May 11. They were about two-and-a-half hours each time and drew about 25 participants.

“If we have to continue online, we know what to do now and would certainly continue,” Pauline said.


Last Modified: May 12, 2020