An A.I. Fellow offers teaching material for your courses

Robert Stephens, who teaches Philosophy as well as Humanities, and who was part of the first cohort of fellows of the AI-themed community of practice, is inviting any faculty member to explore and, if desired, make use of the teaching material that he has developed during his fellowship:

Robert Stephens’ portfolio

Robert’s portfolio includes many resources for those interested in learning about some of the main A.I.-related questions tackled in the Social Sciences and especially for those who wish to develop course modules on A.I. for Social Science and/or Humanities courses.

Those who are looking for engaging teaching material to share with their students via Zoom, on LÉA or on Moodle during the last weeks of classes might find some of the nine PowerPoint slide decks included in this portfolio to be useful.

Topics covered range from philosophical questions about the nature of intelligence and consciousness, to technical issues complicating machine communication, to the ethical, legal and social challenges of widespread deployment of A.I. technologies.


Last Modified: May 12, 2020