Please pick up your plants or make new arrangements for plant care


Dawson’s Sustainability Office has been looking after more than 500 plants spread all over the campus for the past 10 weeks.

With the spring and summer gardening work, the team can no longer continue the plant care service.

Over 95 per cent survived 
“The vast majority of plants survived- over 95 per cent,” said Chris Adam. “However, some were obviously in stressful situations for various reasons: not enough water, too much perhaps, requests that came in after 2-3 weeks had already passed.”

Thanks to Megan Jutras, Jenn de Vera, Richard Dugas and Chris Adam for their work during this COVID-19 shutdown. Each plant run would take about seven hours of work!

A sense of normalcy 
“It is wonderful to know that the plants continue to thrive and give Dawson a sense of normalcy, Chris said. “They represent an important psychological anchor to all of us that the College awaits us during these unpredictable times.”

Time to make new arrangements 
Staff are asked to pick up their plants or have individuals assigned within departments to care for plants in specific areas or to perhaps care for multiple rooms. If you want to retrieve your plant(s), come to the security entrance at 2E off the parking lot.


Last Modified: May 26, 2020