Butterfly release photo CP

200 Monarch butterflies released at Dawson and around Montreal


This year the Sustainability Office did the Monarch Nursery project a little differently. Usually employees foster Monarch butterfly chrysalises as a team in their offices. This year, employees brought their chrysalises home to share the amazing experience with their families and neighbours.

“During these unknown and different times, it seems the monarch chrysalises have brought joy and uplifted the spirits of those caring for them,” said Jennifer De Vera of the Sustainability Office.

So many foster parents sent reports about the releases accompanied by photos and videos.

Some of these have been shared on the Sustainable Dawson Facebook page.

In total, 200 butterflies were released at Dawson College and all over the Montreal area. “We already found Monarch eggs on the milkweed in the Dawson Peace Garden last Wednesday! “ reported Jennifer. “This is proof that our efforts in caring for the chrysalises and having the many Dawson gardens is providing a safe haven for these beautiful species at risk.”

One of the Dawson foster parents, Michelle Lee of the Campus Life and Leadership team made a great time lapse video of her family’s chrysalises eclosing. You can watch that here.

Last Modified: August 25, 2020