A great time to start biking to the College!


Facilities Management and Dawson Sustainability have formed a bicycle committee in hopes of getting you to consider bicycling to Dawson.

The pandemic has seen a substantial rise in people using bicycles and the City of Montreal has accelerated accompanying infrastructure in order to promote this advantageous way of getting around.

Bicycling is cheap, solves traffic, parking and urban spatial problems, produces no emissions and allows the cyclist to enjoy the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle simply by going to work. Furthermore, it is reliable and, if you live less than 8 kilometers away, probably will take a similar amount of time as would transit or driving. Oh, and did we mention it’s just plain FUN?

Free Bixi trial for Dawson employees

A one-month Bixi membership. Dawson will fund a month long Bixi trial for any employee willing to give it a try as a commuting tool. Get in touch with Richard Dugas to get your code! This offer might work for you if you use EXO trains and want to try BIXI rather than the Metro to ensure the last stretches of your commute.

Guaranteed return home. Are you worried about getting back home in an emergency, in case of a weather change or if you have a mechanical issue? Dawson will fund a taxi ride home for any regular cyclist up to $50. Some conditions apply. The reimbursement form will soon be ready on Dawson Sustainability’s web page. In the meantime, get in touch with Richard Dugas if you are in this situation.

Route planning support
Concerned about finding a good route that suits both your fitness level and your comfort in traffic? Dawson can match you up with a bike buddy who will meet you in your area to show you a potential route for you. Get in touch with Richard Dugas to make individual arrangements.

Not sure how to get started? Do you have concerns about equipment, dressing, sweating, weather, theft or anything else that is throwing you off? Consult this guide produced by Vélo-Québec , which may address some of these common concerns and shows you how to deal with them so that you may reap the rewards of a daily bicycle ride.

Bikes basics

Link to Velo-Quebec

Practical info

Showers and lockers are available to staff at P.A.R.C. Please bring your own pad lock and note that you cannot leave your locker locked over night: It will be cut off!

Bike racks are available at several spots around campus:

  • In front of the 2E entrance
  • In front of the Sherbrooke street entrance
  • On the North side of the “D” wing
  • On the South side of the “D” wing
  • Near the Theatre entrance
  • More bike racks will be added to the re-designed de Maisonneuve entrance in the Fall of 2021
  • Covered bicycle parking is available for free in the Alexis Nihon parking lot across the street from the Dawson Daycare entrance.
  • A “Bici-Borne,” (a bicycle fixing station with a pump and basic tools) is available at the end of the bike racks outside of the 2E entrance.

Bixi racks are available at:

  • Sherbrooke and Atwater
  • Sainte-Catherine and Atwater
  • Greene and De Maisonneuve

Bixi’s are everywhere in central Montreal. Consult their map.

Content provided by Richard Dugas of Facilities Management

Last Modified: August 25, 2020