Applicants for Fall 2023 will apply to only one program

There will be a significant change to the Dawson College application form for those applying for admission to programs for Fall 2023.

Given the high number of applications, the majority of Dawson’s programs have filled with first-choice applicants since 2010. This left very limited space for second choices. In addition, students who were offered admission to another CEGEP while waiting for a decision from Dawson on their second choice would often accept an offer from another CEGEP.

To address these issues, Fall 2023 applicants will only have one program choice. Applicants refused admission or waitlisted for their program choice, will have the opportunity to make a second program selection around mid-April. This will mean that Dawson will only offer programs that still have space as possible second program selections. It is felt that only applicants still interested in attending Dawson will make a second program selection.

Second choices will only be offered to students who have been refused or waitlisted for their first choice and who have applied before the March 1 deadline.

Last Modified: September 21, 2022