Atwater project update from the STM

An update from the STM about their Atwater project:
We are continuing the work initiated in spring 2019 to replace the waterproofing membrane of Atwater station’s underground roof and preparing to install elevators.

From September 22, the pedestrian walkway that runs along the worksite will be modified, and the sidewalk in front of the De Maisonneuve entrance building will be accessible again up to Atwater Avenue.

Construction of the new sidewalk will begin after a transition period of a few days. Between September 17 and 22, two of the doors to the De Maisonneuve entrance building will be blocked off alternately, for two days each. The path to access the entrance building will also be adjusted.

During these transition periods, a flagger will be present at all times to ensure traffic flow on the path, which will be shared by pedestrians and cyclists.

The De Maisonneuve entrance building will remain accessible at all times.

De Maisonneuve Boulevard will remain closed to vehicle traffic between Atwater and Wood until December 2020.

Completion of work on De Maisonneuve Boulevard: December 2020

End of all station work: spring 2021
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Last Modified: September 22, 2020