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Effort underway to translate Dawson memos and website to French


In the coming weeks and months, Dawson will be taking steps to ensure compliance with the Quebec Charter on the French Language in its communications with employees and the public.

Translation of employee memos

Starting May 8, all mass emails sent to Dawson employees have and will be provided in both English and French.  Each Director’s Office and Dean’s Office has been given translation software to support this new requirement as well as access to external editorial and translation services when necessary.  Note that D News and D Announcements will be offered bilingually in the near term once the website has been translated.

Translation of website

Work is underway to translate Dawson’s public-facing website to French using a combination of AI-powered software and professional editorial review. Given the time and resources necessary to fulfill this new requirement, an objective of the ongoing website redesign project will be to reduce the amount of content hosted on our public-facing website in consultation with relevant colleagues.  Note that Dawson’s new Digital Guidelines stipulate an expiry date of three years for all web content in order to not only keep our website content fresh but to reduce the cost of translation.


Last Modified: May 17, 2023