Highlights from the Sept. 23 Board of Governors meeting

  • Diagnostic Imaging revision: at the behest of the Ordre des technologues en imagerie médicale en radio-oncologie et en électrophysiologie médicale du Québec, the mammography competency that was to be developed and assessed in a clinical setting would now take place at the College using simulation equipment. The program matrix was modified to respect the OTIMROEPMQ’s directive.
  • CRISPESH: the College Centre for the Transfer of Technologies (CCTT) Dawson shares with Cégep du Vieux Montréal for the inclusion into society for people living with a disabling situation presented its 2021-22 action plan which builds on CRISPESH’s five-year strategy. With its considerable expertise in inclusive education for students with disabilities, CRISPESH is committed to developing guidance and tools for academic success.
  • Winter grads: the Board approved the names of 1,713 new DEC graduates and 74 AEC graduates who completed their graduation requirements in the Winter 2021 term.
  • Annual Management Plan: Director General Diane Gauvin presented the first Annual Management Plan of her mandate. In accordance with Bylaw 1, she, in collaboration with the management team, drew up a Plan for 2021- 22 based on the objectives of the College. These included  managing the impact of the proposed Bill 96 legislation, which is unknown at this time, completing the self-evaluation report mandated by the Commission d’evaluation d’enseignement collegial (CEEC), continued efforts to improve infrastructure, student success and lessons learned during the pandemic, accessibility and cybersecurity.
  • New members: the Board announced and approved two new graduate representatives: Sean Smith is a pre-university graduate while Michelle Carangi, who has DECs in both sectors, will represent technical graduates. The Board also welcomed two new parent representatives: Angie Gugliotti and Nathalie Lachance.
  • Food Services: The College has renewed its contract with current provider Chartwells after requesting a second proposal from another supplier which was not considered as it was deemed not profitable for the College. Consequently, a contract by mutual agreement to Groupe Compass (Québec) Ltée (Chartwells’ parent company) was recommended, but given the pandemic, for a shorter duration of two years.
  • Washroom renovations: facilities in the G and H wings have been the site of renovations for several months now. Unforeseen issues have caused delays in the completion of the project which has been pushed to November.
  • Waterproofing: Dawson is not building a moat along the Sherbrooke side of the building, but is shoring up the 113-year old foundation by installing extensive waterproofing materials and systems as part of the College’s 10-year investment plan for the upkeep maintenance of our magnificent building and grounds.
  • Formal recognition of Michelle Smith and the Vanier Scholarship: The Board formally acknowledged the formidable achievement of Michelle E. Smith (Cinema-Communications; Journeys) in being named the  Indigenous Vanier Canada Graduate Scholar 2021 at McGill University.


Last Modified: September 30, 2021