Kieran Huxley retiring

Kieran Huxley began working at Dawson College in 1985 as an audiovisual technician. He has held a variety of jobs at the College in three and a half decades culminating in his current job as Coordinator of IT Operations. On Friday, Kieran will retire.

“I think what has made me most proud of working at Dawson is that we as a community are helping create the future of our society. Every day we come to work not just for ourselves but for the students. I have worked as a student, support staff, faculty and manager over the years, and I have always tried to improve the systems and resources of the college.

“Retirement will bring a chance to refocus on some new life goals around fitness and outdoor activities. I have some renovations to finish around the house and look forward to being able to profit from the sunny days with the convertible. I will miss working with you all regularly, but also hope to be able to contribute to Dawson College as it continues to grow in the future and be a leader in education for the youth of Quebec.”

Last Modified: January 28, 2020