News from the Communications Office

On Aug. 22, Director General Diane Gauvin welcomed back Megan Ainscow as the Head of Communications.

“I am most grateful to Donna Varrica for leading the Communications Office for the last year,” Diane said. “It was an action-packed year and we are fortunate that we could count on Donna’s experience and wise counsel.”

Donna will be enjoying some travelling when she leaves Dawson and will be available to the College for special projects.

The other members of the Communications Office are: awards officer Jessie Evans, communications assistants Christine Layne and Carey-Ann Pawsey and communications advisors Christina Parsons and Stephanie Ricci.

Thank you message from Donna Varrica:

I have never been very good at goodbyes. So, it is a relief to say, in view of the welcome return of Megan Ainscow as Communications Coordinator, that I will always be available to the College when needed.

In my 18 years (plus one more, ending this Friday, Aug. 26), I have been privileged to serve Dawson under three directors general (the late Patrick Woodsworth, Richard Filion and Diane Gauvin) who put their trust in my judgment and communication strategies, building relationships with Dawson’s employees and highlighting the many achievements of Dawson students, faculty and staff.

Thank you to all those who supported me and the efforts of the team in Communications in getting the word out by sharing your stories. We have lived some wonderful highs and also very tragic lows after September 13, 2006. But through it all, we have come through united and strong.

Special thanks to the team in IT Solutions, and the Communications Office team members, past and present, who made coming to work each day a joy, including Geoff Kloos, Carey-Ann Pawsey, Janet Pakulis and Elisabeth Roy, and the current members, mentioned above, who along with Megan, will no doubt continue the great tradition of putting Dawson’s achievements front and centre.

The Director General's team, including the Communications Office, in June 2022.

Last Modified: August 24, 2022