Steering Committee created to ensure smooth operations for Fall 2020


On Aug. 31, the Fall 2020 Semester officially begins. The majority of courses will be offered online.

The campus is now open but restricted to employees and students.

Director General Richard Filion has formed a Steering Committee, which will be responsible for developing COVID-related procedures and monitoring the situation. The Committee is chaired by the Director of Finance Glenys Ronnie and it reports to the Director General and Academic Dean Diane Gauvin.

Four sub-committees
Four sub-committees have also been formed: Access and Health (Chairs: Jorge Sanchez-Facilities Management and Jason Annahatak-Student Services); Student Support (Chair: Daniel Boyer-Student Services); Human Resources (Chair: Pascahl Scott-Human Resources); and Communications (Chair: Christina Parsons-Communications).

Well-being and delivery of services
The Steering Committee has been given two priorities:

  • To ensure the safety and well-being of students and employees
  • To provide the conditions for the effective delivery of academic programs and services to students.

This week, the Steering Committee and the subcommittees are working on updating the protocols. By the end of this week, information will be communicated to employees and students.

Meetings with all faculty and more information for all staff
This week, Academic Dean Diane Gauvin and Sector Deans are meeting all teachers to address the conditions under which the semester will take place. The Director General will speak to the community in a video address.

“This is a unique semester and we will need all hands on deck. We are counting on the ongoing cooperation and collaboration of all members of the Dawson community,” Richard said.

Montreal CEGEPs share back-to-school plans
On August 20, Dawson’s Director General joined the Director General of Collège Ahuntsic in a press conference to share news about the general Fall Semester plan of Montreal area CEGEPs. This press conference was organized by the Regroupement des cégeps de Montréal (RCM). A press release was issued.


Last Modified: August 25, 2020