Susie Wileman retiring

Susie Wileman began working at Dawson in 1992 as a guidance counsellor. This Friday, Susie will retire from her current job at Dawson as a psychologist in the Student AccessAbility Centre.

“What I appreciated most about working here has been the privilege of contributing, in whatever small way, to our students’ growth and success.  To say that I have enjoyed the challenge inherent in working to provide an accessible learning environment is an understatement. I feel very fortunate/blessed to have worked with some very fine, dedicated, smart, creative people across the college in the course of my career at Dawson.  In other words, I’m one of the lucky ones.  I’m going to miss it, and it’s been a slice!”

Susie is looking forward to this time in her life to spend time at her new chalet up north, exercise more, volunteer, travel, read and much more. She would also like to become more actively involved in the Adaptech Research Network.

Last Modified: January 28, 2020