Update on Dawson’s new branding project

Dawson’s Communications Office has the new Dawson Brand Guidelines and all the assets, including logos, and has begun the process of implementing the new brand.

To date, the new brand has been applied to the website and Dawson’s social media. The website features the refreshed D wordmark and the new logo. In the fall, we expect to apply a new beautiful design to the website that is consistent with the new branding. The latest video about Sustainable Happiness has a new look, which will be adopted in future videos.

Dawson’s IT Solutions team is currently working on an email signature generator that will be a quick and easy way for all employees to create their own email signature with the new logo. That is expected to be launched in the coming weeks.

The 2023 Viewbook will be the first major printed document to feature the new branding.

The Communications Office is responsible for ensuring that the Dawson brand is consistent and that Dawson is well represented in all major communications, digital, print and advertising.

The Communications Office is in touch with the services that are most impacted by the refreshed brand. Thanks for your patience as we work through the implementation phase.

Last Modified: February 16, 2022