Four more days to sign petition in support of Dawson students and rights of Quebec anglophones

MONTREAL (March 11, 2022) – Quebecers have rallied around Dawson College in the wake of the Quebec government cancelling the new healthcare pavilion, which would house a community clinic and Dawson’s seven healthcare programs. Seven years of work have already been invested in the infrastructure project that would finally solve the chronic student space deficit of over 11,000 square metres.

Almost 12,000 Quebecers have signed a petition since it was launched on Feb. 22. They are calling on the government to maintain Dawson’s pavilion project and give Dawson students the space they are owed.

Premier François Legault explained that he is cancelling the project because Dawson offers instruction in English and he would rather invest in CEGEPs that offer instruction in French. Compared to students at other CEGEPs, Dawson students lack 30 per cent of the space they are entitled to have according to the Ministry of Higher Education’s norms. This fact was recognized by the Ministry years ago and reaffirmed in December 2021.

According to the office of local Member of the National Assembly Jennifer Maccarone, the petition in support of Dawson students is currently the most popular petition in Quebec.

There are just four more days to sign the petition. The deadline to sign is 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, March 15.

“If you support equal rights for students of English-language educational institutions, want Quebec to invest in upgrading the training of our future healthcare workers and would like to see a new community clinic in downtown Montreal, please sign the petition,” said Dawson Student Union President Alexandrah Cardona. “It’s last call to add your name and show your support for current and future students of Dawson and for the anglophone community of Quebec. We are also Quebecers!”

The Montreal community, young people and all English-language institutions in Quebec are impacted by the decision to cancel Dawson’s infrastructure project.

The Dawson Student Union will lead a delegation from Dawson on Thursday, March 17 to Quebec City. Jennifer Maccarone will be presenting the petition to the National Assembly that day and a press conference will be held.

March 17 is the last day the National Assembly sits before the Quebec budget is brought down on March 22. If the government listens to the thousands of people who have signed the petition, Dawson’s infrastructure project will be included in the new budget as was the plan until it was abruptly cancelled in early February.

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Last Modified: March 11, 2022