Four Dawson students in the Industrial Design Program won first place in the provincial Odysée de l’objet en 48 heures competition for college students across Quebec held Nov. 10-11-12 at Université de Montréal.

Industrial Design Program Coordinator Carlos Carpintero says it is the second year in a row that Dawson students topped the competition.

The theme of the competition was supporting autonomous mobility. The Dawson team came up with a portable device to help people with muscular weakness or stiff joints to open doors.

The winning team members are: Ziyu Kang, Annabelle Mailhot, Veronica Silva Naranjo and Jennyfer Raymond.

City News came to Dawson to interview them about their project on Nov. 27. You can watch a video news report and read a story here.

Another Dawson team, Cassandra Champion, Isabella Colicchio, Jose Manuel Barrera Diaz and Patrick Ganja won the Prix Écoresponsable.

And….a third Dawson + Marianopolis team won third place: Daniela Villamizar Useche, Amy Deng, Catherine Zhu.

Check out all the winning teams and their projects here.



Last Modified: November 30, 2023