Dawson’s Nursing department has moved into a new home across the street from the main campus on the second floor of the Forum. They join Physiotherapy Technology and Medical Ultrasound Technology, which are also housed at the Forum.

“It is nice to be centralized here,” said Natalie Turner, Department Co-Chairperson and Program Co-Coordinator of Nursing. “We are generally happy, especially that we have significantly more space. We have brand new lab spaces, lab storage space, and offices.  There are also several student seating areas for studying/eating/talking.”

“The space is new and bright. The students have more modern lab spaces.  We are still working out how to maximize the lab spaces but it’s a big step in the right direction. Moving here was an amazing group effort by faculty and staff after the strike with minimal glitches.”

At the Forum, Nursing has nine staff offices, four lab spaces, a large flexible use learning classroom, two simulation rooms with observation and control rooms.

In total, Nursing has 25,143 square feet of space at the Forum, according to Samuel V. Saint-Hilaire, Interim Director of Facilities Management.

Natalie said that Tim Miller of Physiotherapy “was an absolute gem to work with” on the move, providing assistance and guidance to Nursing faculty. Kieran Huxley was also a huge help by coming out of retirement to coordinate the renovations and move in for the Facilities Management team.

“Kieran has been an asset in taking over the logistics of this move. From the design phase of the spaces to the final touches, Kieran’s input and involvement have helped ease the process and decrease the level of stress,” said Samuel.

Samuel acknowledged this substantial change can be stressful. “The decision was driven by the imperative need to address our space deficit and upgrade teaching facilities to contemporary healthcare standards,” he said. “In fact, the transition to the Forum offers upgraded learning labs and classrooms, ensuring students receive education in line with the latest industry practices.”

The Facilities Management team is anticipating receiving feedback throughout the semester and Samuel says the team is committed to continual improvement.

“We sincerely thank all the staff and students who were impacted by this move for your patience and your contribution,” Samuel said. “Last but not least, I thank the entire Facilities Management team whose relentless efforts transformed this project from a necessity into a tangible reality.”


Last Modified: February 8, 2024