Dawson 2024-2029 Strategic Plan prioritizes student development through the lens of well-being

Over the next five years, Dawson College will deliver on its academic mission led by the overarching value of Well-being for All, which emphasizes the cultivation of a stimulating, inclusive and caring environment for learning and working.  Other core values of the plan include Student Achievement, Institutional Excellence, Collaboration, and Innovation and Creativity.

In its newly released 2024-2029 Strategic Plan, the College’s strategic goal setting is guided by the interrelationship between students, communities both internal and external to the College, and the environment. Emphasis will be placed on supporting students to develop as a whole person: to lead meaningful lives and take on rewarding work while considering the impact on others and the planet, all while prioritizing their own physical and mental health.

“One thing I am proud of is how many members of the Dawson community contributed to developing this plan. I think its integrative approach is reflective of that consultative process,” said Director General, Diane Gauvin. “Focusing on the well-being of our students and employees is so much more than offering services.  It means challenging assumptions, seeking out high impact practices, changing institutional culture and purposefully cultivating a sense of belonging by taking into consideration the lived experience of each and every person who learns and works here,” she said.

A core commitment within Dawson’s Strategic Plan is to recognize its role as an academic institution to uphold truth and confront the ongoing harm committed by settler colonialism in Canada. The process of Indigenization of the College will involve working with Indigenous students and employees to weave Indigenous knowledge and worldviews into the College’s culture and practices.

Overall, meeting the ambitious goals of the Strategic Plan will be achieved through a variety of strategies and actions that will involve all members of the Dawson community – employees and students alike. To make the plan a reality, the plan’s three Orientations (Students, Communities and Environment) are articulated into a set of eight goals supported by measurable actions.

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Last Modified: February 9, 2024