No tolerance for racism, hate and discrimination. A message from the Directors of Dawson College

Three weeks ago, another unarmed black man, George Floyd, was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer. What made this killing so uniquely disturbing was the fact that the police officer continued applying lethal force despite the repeated pleas of his victim and even after he had succumbed. All the while, other officers watched and did nothing.

This blatant disregard for basic human consideration and life sparked a worldwide mobilization to acknowledge and address systemic racism and violence within our own societies. These demonstrations—in spite of a global pandemic—remind us that we must act now to remove the many forms of oppression.

Addressing systemic racism and discrimination

The senseless, ongoing discrimination and violence inflicted on countless Black, Indigenous and People of Colour continually prod us to act more deliberately and forcefully in addressing systemic racism and oppression.

As a society, we must recognize that the betterment of some groups at the expense of others only serves to erode the social fabric. We are richer by embracing diversity in all its forms, not by fomenting divisiveness and denigrating and marginalizing communities.

Dawson built on inclusivity and equity

Dawson College is built upon the principles of inclusivity and equity. It is an institution where different voices, perspectives and kinds of knowledge are valued and celebrated.

We are committed to fostering education for justice, peace and dialogue and to creating a safe, shared and respectful space where students and employees can be and express who they are without fear. If we are to remain firm in our commitment to dialogue, well-being and inclusivity, we must have no tolerance for racism, hate and discrimination.

Much work to be done

We acknowledge that there is much hard work to be done to eradicate racism, violence and discrimination. Through our role as an educational institution, we will continue to explore ways and develop actions that support the movement towards justice, peace and equity for all peoples.

Dawson College renews its commitment to serve its students, the Montreal community and the world at large through engagement, enrichment and education.

We will listen. We will learn. We will improve.

Richard Filion, Director General

Diane Gauvin, Academic Dean

Monique Magnan, Director, Student Services

François Paradis, Director, Information Systems and Technology

Glenys Ronnie, Director, Finance

Pascahl Scott, Director, Human Resources

Wai Bong Shum, Director, Facilities Management

Issued by the Directors of Dawson College on June 16, 2020

Last Modified: June 22, 2020