Rebel Daughter poster

Rebel Daughter

Playwright: a collective (re)creation based on the autobiography of Doris Anderson
Director: Jude Beny
Students: Third Major

An ensemble piece about one of Canada’s foremost feminists, Doris Anderson: journalist, women’s rights activist and editor of “Chatelaine” in the 50s and 60s. During that time she revolutionized the magazine’s content, throwing grenades like articles on rape, abortion, divorce and sex into its traditionally wholesome and housewife-friendly editorial pages. She is also well-known for her fight for the inclusion of sexual equality into Canada’s Charter of Rights. “Rebel Daughter” was originally developed from the autobiography by Doris Anderson, by Theatre Erindale under the direction of Heinar Piller, at the University of Toronto and Sheridan College joint Theatre and Drama Studies Program in November 2013. It is now being reinvented by our third-year students in their final production before graduating. An examination of Anderson’s life, particularly in light of recent events, invites us to reflect upon, and reinvest in women’s issues today.


Performance Dates:

  • Previews at 7:30 Tuesday and Wednesday April 18th and 19th
  • Opening at 8pm Thursday April 20th
  • Playing at 8pm April 20th to 22nd and April 26th to 29th


Stéphanie Montagni DORIS #1 (35)
Nicola Hanchet – DORIS #2 (55)
Dominique Foucault DORIS #3 (85)

Samuel Partous – MITCHELL ANDERSON (CHILD/30”s)
Merlin Simard – STEPHEN ANDERSON (TEEN/30’s)
Myles Stuart – PETER ANDERSON (TEEN/30’s)
Zachary Manocchi-Massé – DAVID ANDERSON (lawyer, Doris’s husband, 55) 

Jonathan Bruno Valvano – BORDEN SPEARS (Editor of Macleans, respected former editor of the Toronto Star, 56)
Kristopher Clow CHARLES TEMPLETON (Editor of Macleans, charismatic evangelical minister to agnostic businessman, 50’S)
Nicolas CourcyJOHN CLARE (Editor of Chatelaine, Doris’s antagonistic hard drinking boss, 50’s)

Jerwin-Ryan Zipagan –
FLOYD CHALMERS (President of Maclean-Hunter empire, philanthropist to the arts, father to Joan, late 70’s)
Charles Edward Labrie Merlos – RONALD A. McEACHERN (Vice-President of Maclean-Hunter, eclectic mind/pianist, Late 60’s)

Naomi CantJOAN CHALMERS (philanthropist, supporter of the arts, art director for Chatelaine, daughter of Floyd, wrote an article about Doris ; later partners with a transgender woman, 50)
Gabriel MaharjanPAUL ROCKETT (photographer, 35)
Briauna JamesRITA RAMSEY (Doris’s secretary, 25-35)

Catherine SaindonELIZABETH BAGSHAW (doctor/reproductive rights, 74)
Jazmin Illidge – CARRIE BEST (Canadian journalist/ social activist, 52)
Sarah Cooperman – MARION POWELL ORR (pilot, 32)
Elisa Macleod-Cerrolaza – THERESE CASGRAIN (French Canadian feminist, reformer, politician, senator, 59)
Wahsonti:io KirbyPITSEOLAK ASHOONA (Inuit artist, 51);

Catherine Saindon –
JEANNE MANCE (French nurse and settler of New France-established first hospital in North America) (1606-1673)
Jazmin Illidge – VIOLA DESMOND (business woman/activist) (July 6, 1914 – February 7, 1965)
Sarah Cooperman – AMELIA MARY EARHART (pilot) (July 24, 1897 – disappeared July 2, 1937)
Elisa Macleod-Cerrolaza – AMANTINE-LUCILE-AURORE DUPIN (George Sand, novelist and memoirist) (1 July 1804 – 8 June 1876)
Wahsonti:io Kirby – MARY TWO-AXE EARLEY (activist) (1911-1996)
Gita Miller – MAYA ANGELOU (Poet, anti-racism activist, journalist, publisher, teacher, actor, aothor) (1928-2014)
Gabriel Maharjan – GWEN AMBER ROSE ARAUJO (trans activist) (1985-2002)  


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