Romeo and Juliet

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Jude Beny
Students: First Major

In a gilded but climate-degraded world, two teenagers defy their families and risk their lives for “star-crossed” love. Two powerful clans, the unforgiving Capulets and Montagues, have long been bitter, feuding enemies. So when Romeo and Juliet fall in love at first sight, their forbidden and passionate alliance causes deep disruption that rips through the city of Verona. A hasty, secret marriage and a perilous plan to dissemble death results in heart-break and grief, in Shakespeare’s immensely popular romantic tragedy.


  • Previews at 7:30 pm Monday and Tuesday November 13th and 14th
  • Opening at 8pm Wednesday November 15th
  • Playing at 8pm November 15th to 18th and November 23rd to 25th
  • Matinées at 12:30pm on Wednesday November 15th, Friday November 17th and Thursday November 23rd


  • Lion Arar: Apothecary/Benvolio*
  • Chloé Bilodeau: Capulet/Sampson*
  • Nico Blinn: Benvolio/Abraham*
  • Marco Carreiro: Balthasar/Paris*
  • Joey Crête: Friar Lawrence/Friar John*
  • Maria-Rachelle D’Amour: Nurse/Musician*
  • Christopher de Varennes: Friar John/Friar Lawrence*
  • Maria Digout: Musician/Nurse*
  • Theo Guy: Montague
  • Melodie Irving: Chorus/Paris/Gregory*
  • Jeffrey James: Abraham/Tybalt*
  • Hana Kashaf: Page/Juliet*
  • Sarah Lotfi: Mercutio/Peter*
  • Castelina Massuda: Prince Escalus/Balthasar*
  • Phoebe Major Mewse: Acrobat/Citizen&Watch/Prince Escalus*
  • Benny Mbaididje: Citizen&Watch/Capulet*
  • Andre Morris-Mowatt: Gregory/Romeo*
  • Jasmine Mrenica: Romeo/Citizen&Watch*
  • Isabella Robert: Tybalt/Citizen&Watch*
  • Ilie Stefanesa: Dancer/Peter/Apothecary*
  • Mily Tchang-Leith: Juliet/Page*
  • Ian Zentner: Sampson/Mercutio*

*Playing Monday November 13th, Wednesday November 15th Matinée, Thursday November 16th, Friday November 17th Evening, Thursday November 23rd Matinée, Saturday November 25th

Last Modified: November 14, 2017