You Can’t Take It With You

Playwright: Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman
Director: Matt Enos
Students: Third Major


  • Previews at 7:30pm Monday and Tuesday April 16th and 17th
  • Opening at 8pm Wednesday, April 18th
  • Playing at 8pm April 18th to 21st and April 25th to 28th
  • The Sycamore family seems mad, but if they are, perhaps the rest of the world is madder! The plot shows how Tony, attractive young son of the Kirbys, falls in love with Alice Sycamore and brings his parents to dine at the Sycamores’ on the wrong evening. The unhappy Kirbys must either join in the fun or maintain their stuffy censure. Meanwhile, strange activities occur throughout the household, involving the manufacturing of fireworks, a printing press in the parlour, the keeping of snakes, xylophone playing, candy-making, ballet, and interviews with the tax collector. Love abounds in this very large dwelling in Manhattan during the Great Depression, and numerous eccentric characters contribute to the crazy chaos: an intoxicated actress, a deposed Russian aristocrat, a former ice-man. This delightfully life-affirming comedy has been, deservedly, one of the most popular theatrical works of the last hundred years.
  • CAST:
  • Theo Alexander: Kolenkhov

    Lion Arar: Mr. Kirby

    Chloe Bilodeau: Grandpa

    Nico Blinn: Henderson & The Man

    Marco Carreiro: De Pinna

    Joey Crête: Tony Kirby

    Maria D’Amour: Kolenkhov

    Christopher de Varennes: Henderson & The Man

    Maria Digout: Grandpa

    Melodie Irving: Duchess Olga & Jim

    Jeffrey James: Paul

    Hana Kashaf: Mac & Essie

    Meghan Kerr: Gay Wellington

    Sarah Lotfi: Mrs. Kirby

    Castelina Massuda: Rheba

    Bénédicte Mbaididje: Alice

    Phoebe Major Mewse: Essie & Mac

    Andre Morris-Mowatt: Ed

    Isabella Robert: Penny

    Elijah Stefanesa: Donald

    Mily Tchang-Leith: Penny

    Jasmine Winter: Alice

    Ian Zentner: Tony Kirby

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