Fall Semester

For admission to all CEGEP programs for Fall, every student must have the Quebec Secondary School Diploma (DES), or the equivalent.

Some colleges may offer summer courses in Math and Science equivalent to the secondary school courses at the enriched level but these cannot be used towards completion of the Diploma of Secondary Studies.

For certain programs, specific prerequisites are required such as interviews, auditions, letters of intent and/or portfolio reviews. These requirements are listed on the Table of Programs provided below.  Detailed requirements for letters, interviews, portfolios and video statements are found on the program’s webpage.

Fall 2024 Table of Programs Offered

If you are an applicant from outside Quebec, please be advised that:

  • Testing in specific program pre-requisites (English, French, Math, Science, Chemistry or Physics) may be required to assess the level of an applicant’s qualifications. Testing takes place at Dawson College in Montreal during the months of March, April or May for Fall Admissions. If testing is required, the Admissions Office will email applicants the details of test dates. Failing to attend a testing request will disqualify an applicant. Should you be unavailable for specific pre-requisite testing, you may wish to consider a program that has no specific pre-requisites.
  • In-person interviews, auditions,  portfolio interviews, or language testing are held during the month of March, April or May at Dawson College in Montreal before a decision can be rendered. Failing to attend an interview/audition/portfolio interview/language testing will disqualify an applicant. If you are applying from outside Quebec and you will be unavailable to attend to such requests, you may wish to consider a program that has no such admission requirements.

For more detailed information, please consult the individual Admissions pages under the specific program of the Dawson College Website.

Last Modified: October 23, 2023